40 Days

In 40 days we’ll be spending out first “Christmas” together (it’s between the 29/11 and 7/12, but well be having an early Christmas together)! A lot’s happened since I came back to England last summer and I can’t wait to finally get back for a bit and be with the girl I love, meeting her dog and trying all the baked Christmas stuff and watching the Danish advent calendars on TV for a bit. Just 40 days left! Getting closer!

Hihi, almost done with Sean’s presents for our pre-Christmas when he gets here. Bet he can’t wait to see what it is! And yes, it’s early, but you know what? Yolo!

Hihi, almost done with Sean’s presents for our pre-Christmas when he gets here. Bet he can’t wait to see what it is! And yes, it’s early, but you know what? Yolo!


I still need to book the time off from work and then we need to book tickets, but we have dates! A plan! 29th November to 7th December!


Sean and I are talking about names and how my nickname is basically the name of a fish
Sean: Like what if we named our daughter after a fish… Like Lemon!
Me: Lemon isn’t a fish


I keep fucking up and it’s so unfair on her. She gave up a month of us physically together, after a shit year where everything goes wrong for her, so I can work, and all I bloody do is fucking it up. 

Question of the day: When will you see your love again?

I’m hoping I can go to Denmark in late November but nothing is for sure yet. It’ll be the first time since we’ve been together we’ve spend time together during winter!

Agnes-Cecile // This should be the place (x)

Agnes-Cecile // This should be the place (x)

Don’t be embarrassed about how you met your love


I’ve seen a lot of people feeling a bit ashamed of how they met their love over the internet. I’ve seen people ask others if “it’s okay” to having met their love on this website or this website. And I just want to reassure you, it’s perfectly fine.

Whether you met them on “normal” places like Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook. Or if you met them through a World of Warcraft server, an anime chat room, a forum for fish lovers, Omegle, anything really. It’s perfectly fine. 

I was embarrassed about how I met Sean once. I felt judged when I explained I met him through a game on the PlayStation 3. Some people don’t take things like that very nice. But do you know what? It’s not us there’s something wrong with. It’s them. 

Yes you found love in an unusual place. Finding your love on the internet is still a bit weird, even in 2014. But there’s nothing wrong with it. Not everyone finds their soulmate randomly at school, work, at a friend’s party. And it’s okay.

I got over my little phase of being embarrassed about Sean and my story. I’m proud now to have met him in this weird place. Because it’s different. It’s not a story you hear every day.

And that’s why you should be proud too. If you decide to have kids one day, I bet you they would love how their parents met in such a strange way. 

You don’t need to be embarrassed, because it’s perfectly fine. And if people say it’s not perfectly fine, screw them. Screw them. 

- Malle

Two weeks since he left
One week since he started work
And it’s already fallen apart.

Say Something - A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguliera 

Spending Saturday night helping Sean writing packing list and meal suggestions. My boy is growing up so fast! I think it also helps me coping with the thought. I’m a part of the process of him moving away from home for a year, moving even further away from me. But aw yis, I’m doing good as a girlfriend tonight!