" You have the stars in your eyes and the moon in your heart. "

- Me (Seanie) in my sleep the other morning (via distanceisnotabarrier)

So I went through the LDR tag to queue some bits. And someone said they were jealous of long distance relationships and when they finally meet after a few years of waiting. And that ticked me right off. Maybe it’s lack of proper sleep, maybe it’s the constant anxious feeling that’s stuck in my stomach, maybe it’s the knot in my chest, but that pisses me off. Please don’t write stuff like that. There’s nothing to be jealous of.

Unless you enjoy endless lonely nights, crying, spending a shit ton of money, aching bones because you should be near them but you can’t be, fights because sometimes things don’t get through right on text, a bit of jealousy because you can’t be there with them and don’t know what’s going on, the heartbreaking pain of not being there for important things.

Sure we might have a stronger bond to our partners, but there is absolutely fucking nothing to be jealous of. So please don’t glorify it. It’s ignorant as fuck.

It’s Sean and I’s 4th anniversary! 

Sean got me a necklace with the moon phrase from the day we physically met, Frozen, a book and then there’s another thing coming in the mail for me apparenty!

I got Sean a home made box with a watch, the sloth painting and some other small bits and bobs :3

This time in 1 week

This time in a week, I’ll finally be able to sleep with the girl of my dreams once more! It’s so exciting, we’ve already made a packing list. It’s not long, because I’m only taking hand luggage, but it’s done! 

Long distance relationship problems

When all you want to do is to be on cam with your love, and then the internet connection decides to act like a 3 year old who wasn’t allowed another cookie. 

I’m going to curl up and cry, bye