Look at my handsome man <3

Look at my handsome man <3

Day 5 in England.

I twisted my ankle and now I’m on painkillers and can’t get around much. It’s getting better though! Seanie isn’t feeling too well either. His head is a bit meh and he’s got a cold coming, so we’ll keep low profile this weekend. 

Joke from a Penguin biccie thing: What did the sea say to the penguin? ….. Nothing, he just waved <3

It’s raining in England! Day…. 4 (I think)

I wanted to do kinda a daily blog post about my days in England. But it’s the… 4th day now, and I haven’t started yet. To be fair, we’ve just been around his town, I’ve gotten used to his family, been “AWWWW”ing at his poor dog. And I need to hold myself back from buying all the books in the stores….. ENGLISH BOOKS! I must look like a kid when we go around stores and I’m like “…. STUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUFFS!!!!!!”, but shush, it makes me happy. Today is also a slow nice day. I’m tired all the time, which is annoying as hell. And I don’t seem to eat that much (I swear his mum thinks I’m weird because I barely eat, but…. Oh well, I am a weirdo <3)

Some time next week we’re going to London I think. And to house-sit his nan’s house, so we get some total time alone without his mum or dad or sister coming home, which I think we need (or I do atleast ;-))

I think that’s it for today! CHEERS!!!